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Business & Professional Services

AntFarm focus is helping youth, elders and families connect.

Mission Vision: AntFarm believes that all people can be healthy, live with purpose, and be a contributing member of community.

AntFarm Cafe’ is located in Sandy. A for-profit breakfast and lunch, deli style, community seating multi-use venue.

AntFarm Outdoor Building is in Sandy that doubles as bottle drop/recycling center and maintenance hub for their for-profit landscaping.

AntFarm Estacada Resource Center provides event rental space and satelite space for cafe’ offerings weekly: 350 SW Zobrist St.

Estacada Youth Hub provides youth workshops and seasonal garden: 354 SW 2nd Ave.

AntFarm Molalla provides assistance and services for community members.

Contact Information

Physical Address:

350 SW Zobrist St.
Estacada, OR 97023